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Moravskoslezský kraj
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The region of Moravia-Silesia is one of 14 higher self-governing units in the Czech Republic and the home to 1,230,000 people. The region has been our client since 2013. In addition to the building of the region’s good name and image, we also assisted with the project ‘Help the Region, Help the People’ and facilitated communication between the region and the local business community. Our agency also co-organises, with the region, various benefits and events, such as a benefit for UNICEF in Ostrava.

Česká agentura na podporu obchodu / Czech Trade
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The Czech state export agency helps Czech businesses and entrepreneurs branch out to foreign markets. We have been working with the client since 2014. In addition to standard PR service, which includes strategic communication, ongoing media lobbying, media training and copywriting for magazines and supplements, we also assist with the presentation of successful Czech exporters the agency helped enter international markets.  


Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy
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Technická správa komunikací manages all road stock in the ownership of the Capital City of Prague. TSK chose us in 2014 for its project of paid parking zones in the city (ZPS). We performed initial analysis on the subject of traffic and quiet zones in the city and formulated a long-term strategy for the project’s publicity. We also assisted with the design of a new online information resource. At present we monitor and evaluate the client’s daily publicity. 




Tieto Czech s.r.o.
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Tieto Czech is in the top two IT services provider in the Czech market and the number one IT employer in the region of Moravia-Silesia. We have been working for the client since 2013. Our main brief is to establish the brand in the Czech Republic and develop corporate communication. Together with the client we publicise professional and regional themes and foster relationships with national and local media. We organise regular press events for the client and assist with internal communication (quarterly magazine in two languages). 

Eltodo a.s.
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ELTODO group is among the leaders in electrical engineering, energy, transport infrastructure, industry, lightning, telecommunications, information technology, real estate development and intelligent buildings. We have been working with the client since 2014. Our brief is to increase the awareness of the group’s extensive portfolio of products and services and build up its positive image. In corporate communication, we focus particularly on communicating ELTODO’s services to the corporate, government and local government segments, as well as to the consumers – to help them with the daily lives. We use standard PR communication to assist the client in his communication with his customers and with the public at large; we also create content for the company’s website.



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ING Bank in the Czech Republic is a member of the Dutch financial group ING. We have been working with the client since 2006 as provider of media relations to the client’s corporate and retail banking divisions. Our communication focuses on the bank’s products, performance highlights and CSR activities. In 2011, we launched, in collaboration with the client, the project ING Bank Svět spoření which maps out savings potential of Czech households. At regular press conferences we present to the media interesting facts and information, such as surveys, tips and advice on managing personal finances. We assist with publicity of the bank’s philanthropic projects under the brand of the long-term partnerhip ING Bank Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation.

Amundi Asset Management
Press center

We have been providing Pioneer Asset Management company, which is now a part of Amundi Asset Management, with full PR service in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2008. Our communication focuses on corporate and product themes and on establishing the client as an expert authority within the industry through local and international experts. We pay a lot of attention also to the corporate social responsibility agenda of the client, in line with his long-term CSR policies which accentuate the subject of financial literacy. Under the brand of Pioneer Investments Financial Academy, the client’s employees have been conducting lectures and debates for secondary school students already for seven years. In the last two years we have been publicizing the theme of regular investing among the general public; to this end, we are communicating relevant data from various polls and surveys. In 2010 we took joint second place in the Czech PR Awards for the Financial Academy project. In 2009 we received an Honourable Mention for the Jaroslav Seifert Prize project.

Real estate



RPG Byty, s.r.o.
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RPG Byty is the leading provider of rental housing in the Czech Republic. We have been working with the client since 2007. We communicated some high-profile high-risk projects such as rent deregulation and revitalisation of residential buildings in Karviná. We also focus on the company’s social projects. In 2010–2012 we produced a strategy and manuals for external training of all RPG Byty employees. We co-organised a roadshow for tenants and assisted with the presentation of a project of large-scale renovation of the housing stock. We keep the client’s website updated and publish Bydlíme magazine for the tenants. In 2010 we jointly took 3rd place in the CSR and Philanthropy category at the Czech PR Awards for the campaign ‘Work, Have Fun and Live Together’.


Health care



Revírní bratrská pokladna, zdravotní pojišťovna
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Revírní bratrská pokladna is the largest employee health fund in the Czech Republic with 420,000 clients, most of them in Moravia and Silesia. We have been working with the client since 2012. Our communication focuses on corporate and health themes. We also assist with the production of advertising and publicity campaigns and healthy lifestyle and prevention programmes. Projects which we did in partnership with the health fund include Zdravý zoubek nebolí, Zdravě hravě and Nemoc nemá moc, together with their online versions, competitions and lectures in schools. 




ARAMARK s.r.o.
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Aramark is a leading food facility operator; its clients include hospitals, army facilities and business centres. Aramark also caters to major sporting and cultural events. We have been working with the client since 2011 as provider of external communication for the corporate sector. We have established the client in the media as a flexible and fair partner that uses only quality food, of local provenance if available, and operates innovative food service concepts tailor-made for the client in question. We also assist the client with its profiling as a socially responsible enterprise. 


Legal service


Taylor Wessing e/n/w/c Advokáti
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TaylorWessing e|n|w|c Advokáti law firm has 26 offices worldwide. We have been working with the client since 2012, mainly in the area of corporate communication (communication of changes introduced by the Civil Code Amendment and other professional legal issues). We organise regular press breakfasts which are one of the pillars of the client’s communication with the media. We also communicate to the media the law firm’s opinions regarding current cases. We also support the law firm’s CSR activities: regular lectures for secondary school students as part of the so-called Legal Academy, and writing competitions for university students for prizes which include one-month internships in the law firm’s European offices. 




Česká asociace odpadového hospodářství
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ČAOH is the largest industry association in waste management; its members include the leaders in waste collection, removal and recycling. We have been working with the client since 2013. The brief was to establish the client’s relationship with the media and disseminate information about the association’s mission and activities and about changes in the waste management legislation and their possible implications; influence the public opinion. During the first year we succeeded in establishing the client as an expert authority on the subject and stimulating a lot of media interest in the issues of waste management. The client’s opinion is now automatically included in various surveys and articles about waste management. At present, we are branching the communication out also to social networks. 


Sport marketing


Český olympijský dům v Londýně
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Czech House – organisation, production and keeping of the Czech House in London during the Olympic Games – one of the most successful PPP projects in the Czech Republic with huge and global media impact. In 2013, the project won first prize in the Czech Award for Public Relations in the category of Public Administration, Public and Voluntary Sector. Stance Communications also managed Czech Houses during 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Czech House for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. „The Czech House is a fantastic place and the Czech Olympic committee are to be commended for taking this bold step. You are all making this Olympics very special and for that you deserve thanks,“ said Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. „I am really amazed by the size. It is huge, but very nice,“ said Sergey Bubka, legendary Ukrainian  pole vaulter.

„The gold medal belongs to the Czech House, which has transformed a conference venue in north London's Islington neighbourhood into a giant party playpen. We're talking indoor basketball, pool tables, foosball, a chill-out zone, plenty of Pilsner, DJs and even the Czech funk band Monkey Business one evening,“ said Jill Lawless, AP journalist.

Olympijský park Soči – Letná
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We prepared for the Czech Olympic Comitee Sochi 2014 Olympic Park in Prague and the Czech House at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Stance Communication was also involved in the first ever Czech television broadcast studio in the Olympic Park in Sochi and a meeting point for fans. Our main goals were:bringing the Olympic games to the people in Prague, Creating a platform for the presentation of Olympic Partners Activities, Combination of sport, media, Fan zone in urban public space, live screening from Olympigames, sports to try (visitors could try out various sports), cultural events, playground for children and much more…

 Our results: The Olympic Park was on average mentioned 22 times a day in the media. A national TV station broadcasted the main evening news from the park twice during the Olympic Park operation. Every day, 40 min of Olympic Park broadcast time was provided on national TV. Over 60 000 visitors the first weekend. Over 400 000 visitors in total. 94% of visitors would like to have Olympic Park in 2018 again Czech Olympic Facebook page second most visited European Olympic page during Feb 2014. Visits to the official Facebook profile of the NOC campaign increased by 300% (from 70 ths. likes to 217 ths. likes). In total, over 7 million people were reached by the Olympic Park media (the total population of the Czech Republicis10 million). The Olympic Park mobile application was downloaded over 83 thousand times.  (almost1% of Czech population and 20% of Olympic Park visitors)

Source: Millward Brown



Nadační fond Petra Koukala 
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Petr Koukal is the leading Czech badminton player who, at the age of 25, overcame testicular cancer and took to breaking the taboo of men’s health by openly talking about it. He started his eponymous foundation in 2014. The STK project comprises an outreach element (early prevention of oncological diseases). We have been partner to the foundation, working pro bono, since it was started; we provide standard PR service, negotiate media partnerships and organise social and fundraising events. 

Dětský fond OSN – UNICEF>
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UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) has activities in more than 190 countries of the world where it helps children live and develop. We have been UNICEF’s partners since 2005. We publicise the causes for which the organisation was established; we also assist with the organisation and publicity of outreach events and fundraisers. We work pro bono for UNICEF. One of the events we helped to organise was the successful benefit ‘Back to School’ in September 2014 in the GONG Arena. The event raised over CZK 350,000 in aid of educational programmes for children.  



Acta non verba ( is a public benefit corporation which was founded with the aim of drawing attention to malpractice in the government and in other areas where the public good is harmed. The organisation also investigates such cases. We have been working pro bono for the client since 2011. We assist with publicity of individual cases taken up by Kverulant.  


We are also working, or were working with:

Aquel Bohemia s.r.o., Auto Kelly a.s., BBLA - Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association, Café-Relax, Cisco Systems (Czech Republic) s.r.o., CzechTourism, SATUM CZECH s.r.o., ČD – Telematika a.s., České dráhy a.s., Česká spořitelna, a.s., Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava, FM solutions, a.s., GfK Czech, s.r.o., Group 4 Falck a.s. Guarant International spol. s r.o., IFMA, Czech Top 100, LG Electronics CZ, KOMPASS Czech Republic a.s., KŠD ŠŤOVÍČEK advokátní kancelář, v.o.s., LCC domácí péče, Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí České republiky, Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj, Ness Technologies Czech, Ness Technologies Europe, Okin Group, Petr Ulrych - Ateliér výtvarné fotografie, Penta Investments a.s., Porsche Inter Auto CZ spol.s r.o., Primus CE s.r.o., SECAR BOHEMIA, a.s., Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Sybase Software, s.r.o., Volksbank CZ, a.s., Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna České republiky, WEST MEDIA, s.r.o.