OKIN FACILITY, one of the major providers of supportive services for corporations in the Czech Republic, is expecting a rise in manufacturing corporations' demand for integrated facility management.

Facility management outsourcing is enjoying great interest not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. According to Ivan Trnečka of the OKIN GROUP company, the trend in the past two years has shown that clients retract from small local companies whose offer includes only partial facility management services. “Companies entrust their supportive activities to large suppliers rendering complete services all over the Czech Republic,” says Ivan Trnečka, OKIN GROUP Business and Projects director, commenting on the current situation.

“We expect that the integration of partial facility management services within a single supplier will be on the rise this and next year. Preparing for the arrival of economic recession, companies are considering their expenses more thoroughly. They often do not have the slightest idea of where the hidden potential is to be found in their enterprises,” explains Trnečka.

As regards large manufacturing corporations, the outsourcing of supportive services usually enables yearly savings of 10 to 20 per cent of the original costs of such activities. This represents a sum of the order of millions of crowns, as the experience of OKIN FACILITY, as well as a survey elaborated for the company last year indicate. According to the survey, large manufacturing corporations spend an average of 25.1 million crowns per year for facility management and other services relating to that. “Our experience, however, indicates that corporations often fail to include all items in such costs. In fact, the sum may be significantly higher,” adds Ivan Trnečka.

Since the beginning of this year, OKIN FACILITY has been providing integrated facility management services e.g. to the Biocel Paskov or Kostal ČR companies.

“Another trend can be observed in the growing demand for the technical administration of real estate of clients who own a network of branch offices all over the Czech Republic. Last year, for instance, we won a tender for the technical administration of buildings of the telecom operator Telefónica O2, entailing about 800 office blocks, shops and points of sale,” says Ivan Trnečka.

“Our clients also include several banking institutions and, since last year, Electro World shops. The number of buildings administered by OKIN FACILITY has reached not several hundred, but several thousand. Thanks to this, we are able to serve clients anywhere in the Czech Republic, no matter whether a small shop or restaurant is concerned,” says Ivan Trnečka.

“The trend of using integrated facility management services can also be observed abroad. Last year, we opened branch offices in Bulgaria and Russia in addition to our existing branch offices in Slovakia and Ukraine. Our services are mostly demanded by shopping centres, office block owners and banks. In the Czech Republic, this type of clientele forms segments which have already been out-sourcing integrated facility management services on a standard basis and whose demand remains more or less stable. By contrast, the demand for our services in the segment concerned is growing in East European countries in which we operate,” adds Ivan Trnečka, summarizing his foreign experience.

“On the other hand, manufacturing corporations show greater concern. The reason is that the assignment of a large amount of supportive services to an external supplier is a bit more complicated for industrial companies compared with e.g. office blocks. OKIN FACILITY therefore offers its customers the option of preparing project solutions fully customized so as to comply with their specific conditions and needs,” concludes Ivan Trnečka.

Prague, 20th March 2009

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About OKIN GROUP, a. s. (joint stock company)
OKIN GROUP is a major provider of supportive services for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. It has been operating on the Czech market for sixteen years. Using the OKIN FACILITY brand, it offers integrated facility management, i.e. services related to the operation and administration of real estates and property. Besides that, it also provides services in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) under the OKIN OUTSOURCING brand. Its subsidiary company, OKIN EDUCA provides services in the field of education and personal development and offers project services connected with activities aimed at drawing financial resources from the EU funds.
At present, OKIN GROUP has a workforce of more than 1200, operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. In the field of facility management, it services dozens of office blocks, industrial plants, logistic and shopping centres and, through a joint venture with RPG Real Estate group, also over 44,000 flats in the Region of Moravia-Silesia in the Czech Republic.

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