Lance Secretan to speak at Leadership for Life conference

One of the five most highly rated motivational speakers in North America, Lance Secretan, will speak about Inspirational Leadership at the first year of Leadership for Life Conference. The former CEO Manpower, Inc., will, on 28 and 29 June 2011, demonstrate how to recreate, stimulate and lead an organisation towards higher levels of performance and excellence. He will also present his book ‘The Spark, The Flame and the Torch’ to the Czech audience. The conference Leadership for Life will bring to Prague also other leading figures from the world of business, who know how to lead and inspire others and how to clearly and creatively communicate their methods.

“The global crisis, which is now slowly waning, left us not just many painful losses, but also with some valuable lessons we should not neglect to learn from. One is the fact that many businesses, often even the large ones, lack a professional, inspirational leadership with a long-term vision and the capacity to show the way forward even when the times are tough,” says Barbora Krásná, Partner Blue Events, adding: “This lack of inspirational leadership was even more acutely felt in Central and Eastern Europe, compared to the mature markets. It is no coincidence that the word ‘leadership’ has not yet found a permanent place in our vocabulary, and that not many people know that there is a huge difference between ‘manager’ and ‘leader’. Our ambition is to change all this and show what inspirational leadership can do for a successful survival and growth of businesses and people, and how this concept can be systematically cultivated with the application of knowledge and experience of top global experts.”

The other notable speakers at the conference include Rinaldo Brutoco, President World Business Academy, executive of international renown and author of a number of specialist publications, economist and visionary who founded a number of successful businesses, including the first pay cable television network in the U.S., or the world-famous conductor Mario Klemens. The knowledge presented at the conference will be summed up by the owner of Chateau Mcely, James A. Cusumano, Silicon Valley entrepreneur who started and, as their chief executive, led three businesses to success.

“The mission of the Leadership for Life conference is to educate and inspire the business community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through Inspirational Leadership, present directional thoughts of world-class leaders through Inspirational Leadership tools and concepts, and to demonstrate that these concepts are not only needed by all market actors – customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the society at large, but that they also represent a competitive edge for an organisation,” summarises James A. Cusumano.

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28 June 2011, Grand Majestic Plaza, Prague
29 June 2011, Chateau Mcely, Mcely
Organised by:
World Business Academy, Chateu Mcely and Blue Events in partnership with Stance Communications and Koučink Centrum

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