Leadership for Life Conference—An Inspiring programme for those who prefer to lead over being led

The Leadership for Life conference promises to be a unique and rich programme that analyzes the Inspirational Leadership™ successes of outstanding business organisations and their employees from several points of view. Lance Secretan, the charismatic leader, successful CEO, author, and one of the most renowned international speakers on Inspirational Leadership™, will deliver a two-hour keynote program. The conference will open with  contributions concerning the challenges of doing business in the Czech market from the viewpoint of Czech CEOs, and also look at the potential of Inspirational Leadership™ in the Czech Republic from the position of a foreigner. The conference participants will learn proven effective means for self motivation, and how to use the resulting power of personal passion and its values to inspire colleagues and employees to optimum performance and maximum self-satisfaction.

“Lance Secretan is a leadership guru whose strength is in sharing his unique experience with the audience in a thought-provoking way,” says Barbora Krásná, Partner of Blue Events, adding: “Other notable speakers include Pavel Kavánek, CEO of ČSOB, who will review his leadership experience from the point of view of a major brand, and Jiří Kejval, Founder of Techo, a.s., who will describe the his experience in leading a Czech company to international success. Thoughts on Inspirational Leadership™ in a Czech company as viewed by an international manager will be shared by Douglas Brodman, CEO of Pilsner Urquell.”

The panellists in the concluding CEO panel discussion, “Ways of Inspiring People,” in addition to Lance Secretan, include Karel Janeček, Founder and CEO, RSJ algorithmic trading; Miloslav Rut, former Managing Director FoxConn and presently Business Development Manager of Česká pošta; Jiří Pavlíček, ex-Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson; and Rinaldo Brutoco, an internationally recognized entrepreneur, futurist and President of the World Business Academy, among several other leading executives.

The mission of the Leadership for Life conference is to educate and inspire the business community in the Czech and Slovak Republics on the power and potential of Inspirational Leadership™, by presenting the concepts, tools and experiences of successful world-class leaders, and thereby to demonstrate that Inspirational Leadership™,  is not only required to deliver maximum value to all  stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, suppliers and society at large—but also represents a competitive edge for an organisation.

Informace pro média:

28 June 2011, Grand Majestic Plaza, Prague
29 June 2011, Chateau Mcely, Mcely

Organised by:
World Business Academy, Chateau Mcely and Blue Events in partnership with Stance Communications and Koučink Centrum

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