Municipal Court in Prague rejected the preliminary injunction against RPG in the case of “OKD apartments”

On 21 April 2010, the Municipal Court in Prague rejected application for preliminary injunction against RPG Industries and RPG Byty in the case of “OKD apartments”. It was the proposal of the Ministry of Finance aimed at preventing the above mentioned companies from free disposal of apartments in their ownership.

“Although we welcome the court’s decision, the facts remain unchanged. We did declare the intention not to sell the apartments and to invest and develop the apartment fund. Our belief that the preliminary injunction did not have legal basis was confirmed by the court’s decision,” said Robert Amsterdam, international lawyer representing RPG Industries a RPG Byty.

The Ministry of Finance filed an application for preliminary injunction to the District Court in Prague on 10 December 2009. On 16 December 2009 this court issued the preliminary injunction in relation to RPG Byty. However, in March 2010 the Municipal Court in Prague cancelled the injunction and referred the cause to the Municipal Court as the court with local jurisdiction. Now the decision on the rejection of the preliminary injunction has been issued.

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The real estate group RPG Real Estate was established in the middle of 2006 as a result of the transformation of the mining company OKD, a.s. The property and activities related to real estate were incorporated into RPG Real Estate. Today, the brand RPG Real Estate includes the companies RPG Byty, RPG RE Commercial, RPG RE Land, RPG RE Management and RPG Služby. The Group today owns and manages significant property, including residential properties, commercial space, commercial buildings, hotel complexes, hotels and extensive land, primarily in the Moravian/Silesian region.

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