OKIN GROUP wants to be a market leader of integrated facility management in Russia and Bulgaria

The Czech company OKIN GROUP, a. s. specialized in service management continues its expansion towards the East and opens its subsidiary companies in Russia and Bulgaria. OKIN FACILITY RU LLC. in Russia and OKIN FACILITY BG EOOD in Bulgaria are going to offer services of integrated facility management (IFM).

After last year’s start of activities in the Ukraine, this autumn OKIN GROUP is entering also the markets of Russia and Bulgaria, in the future entering Rumania and Serbia is planned. Although, as Roman Trnka, Director of Strategic Development division of OKIN GROUP says, establishing branches in these countries is not a cheap thing in terms of preparation; the company perceives the costs as purposeful investment which should strengthen its position in a wider European scope. “On all new markets we are heading for we have the intention to become a leader in the field of integrated facility management (IFM) within three years. To become the best company on the IFM market in Middle and East Europe is our intermediate target,” says Roman Trnka.

“At the beginning, in both the branches the positions of country managers are held by Czech senior managers. Most of other positions will then be held by local mangers,” Roman Trnka puts it more precisely as to personal constitution of the new companies, and adds: “For the future, rotation of experienced employees among all subsidiaries of the group surely is not out of question.”

In the course of its expansion towards the East, the company OKIN GROUP profits by its readiness to satisfy diverse requirements of its clients. “Although the development of the facility management market in these countries is slightly behind compared to Czech, the clients altogether have the same expectations. The only difference is that the local suppliers do not yet provide their services in the way usual in western countries,” Roman Trnka points out.

A great problem in entering the Eastern markets is however excessive bureaucracy. “This is probably the most serious weakness of most the countries in Eastern Europe. The greatest problems we have had to face so far and in many cases we still face, are caused namely by the excessive official red tape and minute but essential variations in local legislation,” admits Trnka.

OKIN GROUP at present successfully takes advantage of very efficient mutual exchange of experience between individual branches. “This also helps us to penetrate into next European markets without any more serious problems. Our priority is to fill the markets of Middle and Eastern Europe,” closes Trnka.

Prague, November 6, 2008

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About the company OKIN GROUP, a. s.
OKIN GROUP is a prominent provider of supportive services for businesses in Middle and Eastern Europe. On the Czech market it has been active already for almost fifteen years. Under the mark OKIN FACILITY it offers complex facility management, i.e. also services connected with operation and management of estates and property. Moreover, under the mark OKIN OUTSOURCING it provides services in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO). The subsidiary OKIN EDUCA in addition provides services in the field of education and personal development, and offers also project activity related to processes of drawing financial resources from the funds of European Union, this applied both for the private and public sector.
At present, OKIN GROUP has almost 1200 employees, being active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. In the field of facility management it services dozens of administrative buildings, industrial plants, logistic and commercial centres and through the joint-venture with RPG Real Estate group also over 44 thousand flats in the Moravian-Silesian region in the Czech Republic.