RPG Real Estate invested a record sum of 700 millions crowns into the update of housing stock in 2008

Also the last statement of the European Commission confirmed that RPG Real Estate ultimately fulfills all duties and commitments resulting from general legal regulations and all binding contractual relationships.

“We are fully devoted to the task to update our housing portfolio and to enhance the life quality of our tenants. Media fights and attacks based on untrue and populist statements uselessly restrain us from work, confuse tenants and raise unjustified hopes. We are pleased that the European Commission responded to the inducement related to the housing portfolio owned by RPG RE raised by Jana Bobošíková, a member of the European Parliament,  and again confirmed the fact which had been evident for many years. The truth is thoroughly on our side. Besides reasons why the European Commission rejected the complaint, there are many other facts which contradict to particular articles of the complaint", said Tony Aksich, the general manager of RPG Real Estate. The statements of the European Commission and all other institutions have been constant for many years. They have confirmed the privatization of the OKD mines including the portfolio of former company apartments had not been illegally supported by the state.

RPG Real Estate is a client-oriented company, which is supported by the volume of finances invested into the housing stock it owns. The volume has increased by 52 percent comparing to the first year of ownership (2005). In 2007 there was 632 million CZK invested in the housing stock; last year it was a record sum of 700 million CZK based on the preliminary results. In 2006 -2008 RPG Real Estate invested an amount exceeding 71,5 million CZK only for the exchange of windows in 4 053 apartments. 31 projects were performed between 2006 and 2008, changing substantially the quality of housing by its extent. And they was not related only to the look. The expenses for the update of the buildings exceeded 246 million CZK. 622 houses and 3 642 apartments were renovated within the face lift of housing stock in 2008, which represents the amount of 65 445 thousand CZK. Last year a pilot project of house updates was started pursuant to the statement of Zdeněk Bakala, the owners’ representative, including 800 apartments in Ostrava-Poruba, Karviná and Havířov. RPG Real Estate tries to solve all problems of its tenants who are the customers and partners at the same time. The company makes inquiries to find out the interests and needs of the tenants; they can communicate their suggestion also via a non stop client line. RPG Real Estate intensively seeks other opportunities to satisfy the maximum of tenants and their needs. Now it intensively co-operates with some cities to prepare projects which shall be executed with the participation of the EU funds. The money collected from rents would not be enough for the update of housing stock. The signature of contract with the city of Orlová is a harbinger; the cooperation with other cities is to follow.
The most recent as well as very beneficial information for further work on the housing stock update was brought by a questionnaire survey made by Respond & Co agency with several hundreds of tenants in Ostrava-Poruba for RPG Byty. RPG Real Estate has started the work on an extensive project of housing stock revitalization which should also include the arrangements of house surroundings that is be in cooperation with the municipality. The most beneficial and breaking information from tenants is that they understand the necessity of their participation in the house update and agree to raise the rent to contribute to the better quality of the environment they live in. Survey results showed that the project of update of a house is liked by 84 percent of people they live in. Most of questioned people understood the necessity to participate in the update of their house and agreed with the increase of rent up to 500 CZK. Up to 85 percents of tenants are not going to change the place of residence within next 10 years; one third of people were interested in other services as for example cleaning of the house for a suggested price.

The objective of RPG Real Estate is clear – enhance the quality of rental housing. “We think on a long-term basis, our intentions in the region are long-term ones and we have the ambition to develop; in cooperation with tenants as well as cities and municipalities," Tony Aksich adds.

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The RPG Real Estate group was established in the middle of 2006 within the restructuring of the OKD a. s. mining company. The assets and activities not related to mining were transferred to the RPG Real Estate portfolio. The RPG Real Estate trademark comprises following companies: RPG Byty, RPG RE Commercial, RPG RE Land, RPG RE Management and RPG Služby which is a joint venture with the OKIN GROUP, a. s. company. Today the group owns and controls considerable properties which include apartment houses, non-residential premises, commercial buildings, hotels and extended land areas mainly in the territory of Moravian-Silesian Region.

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