TECHO announces record financial results

In 2007 TECHO achieved its highest ever figures for sales and profit.

Profit before interest and tax was 112.3 million CZK in 2007, excluding the extraordinary revenue from the sale of real estate in 2007.

In 2007 sales reached 1,184 million CZK compared to the 831 million CZK generated in 2006. Year-on-year sales increased by 42.5%. This dramatic increase was achieved in part due to the fast rate of economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe but also thanks to the significant increase in exports to Great Britain.

Profit for 2007 grew by 150% in comparison with the previous year. The growth in profit was generated thanks to maintaining overhead costs at 2006 levels whilst keeping margins at the same level as previous years.

Informace pro média:

TECHO, a.s. is the leading company providing comprehensive services in the area of supplying commercial interiors in Central and Eastern Europe and is also a major producer of office furniture in the Czech Republic. TECHO offers the most effective solutions for the new office environment while creating an optimal atmosphere for dynamic companies. Its clients include major banks, financial institutions, international companies and government organisations.

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