The statement of RPG Byty commenting some pronouncements made by Hana Marvanová in the media

Recently we recorded several pronouncements made by the lawyer Hana Marvanová in the media, directly commenting our company RPG Byty and the tenants living in our apartments. 

Rather often these appearances include completely untrue statements, as, for example, that the real estate company declares it is not bound by any agreement with the state, or, that the state is passive and does not enforce the agreement, as well as the rights of the tenants resulting from the agreement and that the position of the tenants is continuously getting worse.  

These and some other statements of Ms. Marvanová are not based on any concrete facts and they are only a kind of untrue political proclamation without any factual content. In this way Ms. Marvanová tries to use the media to support by force the legally groundless interests and statements of the bytyokd association that she works for. “We haven’t yet received any official results of the analyses made by Ms. Hana Marvanová. We have only the information from the media available. Therefore we are surprised that such a renowned lawyer, as Ms. Marvanová is, misuses the media and invokes entirely unrealistic expectations in the tenants of our apartments instead of presenting concrete legal outputs. It politicizes the cause and discredits our company," says Tony Aksich, the general manager of RPG Real Estate.

We again repeat that our company has always fulfilled and still fulfills all duties and commitments resulting from general legal regulations and all binding contractual relationships.  It is also confirmed by the fact that we are regularly inspected by many institutions and they haven’t found any mistake yet.

Our company gives stability and security to all its tenants. The funds invested into our housing stock have been raised by 52% comparing to 2004. In 2007 we invested 632 millions CZK and this year we expect to exceed 700 millions CZK. “In accordance with recent statements of our owners we have prepared a pilot project to renovate houses with circa 800 apartments,” Tony Aksich adds. 

We try to solve all the problems of our tenants who are our customers and partners at the same time. We intensively co-operate with some cities to prepare projects which shall be executed with the participation of the EU funds.

“We are fully devoted to the task to upgrade our housing portfolio and to enhance the life quality of our tenants.  Therefore we refuse to be involved in any media fights because these bring no improvements to our tenants,” Tony Aksich concludes.

Informace pro média:

The RPG Real Estate group was established in the middle of 2006 within the restructuring of the OKD a. s. mining company. The assets and activities not related to mining were transferred to the RPG Real Estate portfolio. The RPG Real Estate trademark comprises following companies: RPG Byty, RPG RE Commercial, RPG RE Land, RPG RE Management and RPG Služby which is a joint venture with the OKIN GROUP, a. s. company. Today the group owns and controls considerable properties which include apartment houses, non-residential premises, commercial buildings, hotels and extended land areas mainly in the territory of Moravian-Silesian Region.

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