About Us

About Us

CSR strategy

Our agency approaches our CSR strategy realistically: we are committed to what reflects the nature of our work; we don´t fabricate anything just to make a good impression; we do what we can and what makes sense to the company as well as to the employees or partners.

  • Business sustainability

Stance Communications is a member of APRA, the Association of PR Agencies. By active membership, we support compliance with ethical standards of our profession, whether in relation to clients, media, suppliers, employees, or the public. In November 2008, we successfully passed the certification of our company according to the “Consultancy Management Standard” (CMS) methodology. In 2010, we defended our position among the 20 certified agencies in the Czech Republic, likewise in November 2014. Overall, we stacked up to 97.8%.

  • Ecology

We use common sense. We support the use of public transport and longer distance transport by rail. We save energy and water where we can, we try to conserve paper when printing and using documents.

  • Education and training

One of our key pillars. We provide members of our team with long-term English education at the company's premises and we organize regular professional seminars and workshops in semi-annual cycles. If needed, we send employees to conferences, and once a year we organize overnight external team buildings.

  • Work-life balance

The agency offers flexible working hours, working from home, supports part-time jobs for parents, and through "sick days" helps lower the employee sickness rate. In addition to these benefits, the agency provides free coffee, tea, and high-quality drinking water to its staff.

  • Volunteering

The agency has worked pro bono for a number of nonprofit organizations and projects - UNICEF, ACTA NON VERBA, CROSSPOINT, Petr Koukal Endowment Fund, or MOT for Men. At the same time, Stance supports private volunteering activities of individual employees if they show interest.

  • Philanthropy

Although the agency has supported several public benefit organizations during its existence, it believes more in professional volunteering (pro bono work).

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